St. Andrew Awarded -
"2016 Best of
Atlantic City 
Places to Worship"

Our Sanctuary

Our new communion table was donated by Kathy & Alan Schlienger in memory of loved ones and finished by Chris Meyers. It was dedicated on Reformation Sunday in October 2011.

The base of the communion table is elm - an unaltared piece of the historic Princeton Elm planted in Princeton Cemetery in the early 1700's.


The top of the communion table is black walnut designed without cutting or reshaping it in any other way than what God had created and given us naturally.


The cross was donated by Judy & Joseph Hahn in memory of a loved one and was finished by Chris Meyers. This piece was already done by God's design and is also unaltared. 

"What you see are absolutely unique artistic pieces for the purpose of worship and honor to God" -- Pastor David McGettigan (former Pastor).